Tono city is situated in the middie of the Iwate prefecture, in the northeast region of Japan.
Tono is famous for "Tono Monogatari (Legends of Tono)" .
This story was written by Kunio Yanagida, a folklorist in Meiji era. He gathered oral legend and folklore, which had been handed down in Tono.

There, you can enjoy Japanese traditional view, which is not so common in the present time.
Even now, various kinds of storyes are hidden everywhere, in the wide rice fields, small streams, small shrines, mountains, forests and so on.
Tono is a good area for foreign travelers to feel the genuine Japanese heart. It's a unique area compared to other typical sightseeing spots in Japan.
We recommend you to take time, walk around and enjoy the countryside.


Pictures of the four seasons
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